What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

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what Is zoom teeth whitening

Have you recently become aware of your discoloured teeth and are debating getting Zoom teeth whitening? Anyone can get discoloration, regardless of diet, trauma, or drug use. And if it does, there are a number of fantastic teeth-whitening treatments you can use to restore their original whiteness. 

Everything you need to know about Zoom teeth whitening will be covered in this blog. In this manner, you will comprehend why this process is gaining popularity right now. Let’s start!

Zoom Teeth Whitening: What is It?

Laser therapy is used in Zoom Teeth Whitening. It lessens dental enamel’s discoloration or staining. It is a fast, non-invasive process that typically lasts for approximately 60 minutes.

The course combines a special lamp known as a Zoom light or laser with a whitening gel that has hydrogen peroxide. By utilizing both, the dentist in Saskatoon will bleach each tooth, resulting in a whiter grin at the conclusion of the treatment,

How Does It Work?

Your tooth gel is coated in hydrogen peroxide at a high concentration. The peroxide decomposes when it comes into contact with the powerful light that the lamp emits. After that, a thin layer on top of the enamel dissolves, allowing oxygen to enter the teeth. The intrinsic tooth discoloration is then flushed out and destroyed with the aid of oxygen.

Consider it like a chemical bath for your teeth. Also, Zoom whitening has no effect on the outer virtue of your teeth. One of the best teeth-whitening alternatives available is this low-risk process.

The Process For Zoom Teeth Whitening

Prior to booking, it’s a smart idea to schedule a consultation with your dentist if you’re unsure or want more information about this particular method. Your dentist will go over all the details with you, will examine your teeth and gums, and inquire about your objectives. During this time, feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

A General Breakdown

Typically, the entire Zoom teeth-whitening treatment takes less than an hour. You must preferably be ready for the surgery. A dental professional or hygienist will cover your lips and gums, exposing only the teeth. They will then provide you with safety glasses. The Zoom lamp will then be in place for 15 minutes while a layer of whitening gel is applied to your teeth.

This process is carried out 3 times. The dentist evaluates the results at the end of each cycle. They may change the light or apply extra gel to your teeth as necessary. You can find out during your consultation that Zoom teeth whitening in Saskatoon is not for you. It’s possible that the process would negatively affect previously completed work.

Although maintaining the proper posture during each session may be challenging, they will make every effort to keep you at ease. The dental professional will apply a paste to your teeth when the third 15-minute session is complete. This lessens the sensitivity that some patients may experience.

Treatment Aftercare 

Once your treatment is over, you will be washed up and given the all-clear to leave. Of course, it’s crucial to be aware of what you can and cannot eat or drink just after your treatment (hint: none of those stain-causing beverages!). Following surgery, it is not advised to resume smoking. It can quickly undo the effects of the therapy and worsen your dental condition.

On your way out, you’ll get a detailed list of foods you shouldn’t eat. A set of custom-made whitening trays and whitening toothpaste are extra options. In case you require touch-ups, you can use the trays. Your dentist will inform you of the duration of any food or drink prohibitions. They’ll see to it that you have all you need to take care of and keep your new smile looking great.

Arrange a Visit at Lakewood Dental

It’s vital to keep in mind that each person’s teeth are unique, and results will vary accordingly.

Before getting your teeth whitened, always talk to a dentist so they can suggest a process that is customized to your needs.

Email, call, or feel free to come by our physical clinic whenever it works for you!