Tooth Extractions

We all do our best to take care of our teeth and oral health. Minor issues like needing to floss more or getting a filling or two can occur from time to time, but so can more major issues. When the latter does arise, tooth extraction might be needed to restore the health of your teeth and your mouth.

Tooth extraction is a procedure that is performed for multiple reasons such as severe tooth decay which has caused abscesses (swelling around an infected open wound) to manifest, chipped or crooked teeth, gum disease, or to create more room for incoming wisdom teeth. Taking out the infected tooth is essential to allow your other teeth and your mouth as a whole to begin to heal and live a life that is free of oral pain.

If you’re unsure whether you may need a tooth extraction or have questions about any aspect of the process, book a tooth extraction consultation in Saskatoon today.

tooth extraction procedure in saskatoon

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction in Saskatoon is a straightforward procedure, lasting about half an hour, although it’s important to keep in mind that the length of the surgery does depend on the current state of your tooth. Stronger roots mean the surgery may be more difficult and healing can take longer as well. Again, if you have concerns, be sure to ask your dentist prior to your appointment.

Localized anesthetic or general anesthetic can be used, it simply depends on your preferences. The former means that only the afflicted area in your mouth will be numbed, while the latter means you will be put under sedation.
Once the procedure is complete, it is advised that you rest and relax for the remainder of the day. You can take painkillers like Advil or Tylenol if you experience discomfort during this time too. Tooth extraction procedures ten require you to follow these steps to aid your body’s natural healing process: avoid spicy foods, hot drinks, and alcohol, mainly eat soft foods, rinse with salt water to keep the surgical site clean and use gauze to control any minor bleeding. That said, always be sure to follow all the instructions given to you by your dentist.

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