Dental Bridges

Curious about what dental bridges are and whether they’re right for you? Lakewood Dental clinic is here in Saskatoon to answer all of your queries about dental bridges.

Dental bridges are a type of prosthetic used to fill in the gaps between teeth as well as teeth that are missing. More specifically, dental bridges consist of a number of dental crowns stacked together, usually three or more. The combined crowns replace the affected tooth, and the two teeth on either side of it act as natural anchors to keep the bridge in place.

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Types of Dental Bridges Offered in Saskatoon

There are four types of dental bridges that can be used, and the best option for you will be discussed during your visit.

Dental bridges are composed of an artificial tooth (pontic) that is held in position by a framework that is placed over the top of the teeth on either side of the gap (also called abutment teeth). These devices can replace a tooth anywhere in your mouth. Cantilever bridges are like traditional bridges, but only one tooth is used to anchor the bridge in the designated spot instead of two.

Called Maryland bridges, this is a dental bridge that’s made of a metal or porcelain frame plus an artificial tooth. These attach to your natural teeth and are very dependable. It’s important to keep in mind however, that Maryland dental bridges do not exactly fit the gap in your mouth, so your teeth may need to be cut down for the bridge to fit. Receiving a Maryland bridge is one of the more expensive options.

Lastly, implant-supported bridges are a great option when you’re missing a row of teeth. Dental implants are incorporated into the bridges, securing them in your mouth.

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Why Consider Dental Bridges?

As another means of restorative dentistry, dental bridges are a wonderful option to consider because not only do they help improve your oral health, but you’ll feel better about your smile too. Furthermore, dental bridges help fix issues you may be experiencing regarding chewing and biting when you’re eating as well as making sure your teeth stay in their proper positions within your mouth.

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