What is a Filling?

A dental filling is a method of tooth repair. Our teeth can become cracked or experience decay due to a variety of reasons. When this happens, our teeth require special attention in order to start recovering, and that’s where fillings come in. A filling is a compact form of a certain material that’s inserted into or covers over the damaged part of the tooth.

Typically, metal fillings (also known as silver amalgam fillings) are the most common, but other materials can be used too. If you’re unsure which type of material you’d prefer or which is best, don’t be afraid to contact us here at our Saskatoon location for further information on dental filling services.

It’s important to keep in mind that while fillings are extremely dependable and can withstand many daily oral habits like chewing and teeth brushing, they are temporary; you may need to get a new one sometime in the future.

different types of dental fillings

What are the Different Types of Fillings?

There are five different materials you can choose for your fillings: amalgam, composite, metal, ceramic, and glass ionomer. Silver amalgam fillings are the most frequently used and often last for over a decade. They’re also a more affordable option.

Composite and ceramic fillings are used to make the filling match the natural color of your tooth. Some dental filling clinics may offer metal fillings too of all silver and gold, though these are more costly. Lastly, glass ionomer fillings consist of acrylic and glass and protect teeth by discharging fluoride when placed, but they are the least durable, and only last about five years or less.

Not every dental clinic that does fillings in Saskatoon may offer all of these options, so always be sure to inquire ahead of your scheduled appointment.

Find Dental Fillings!

Our teeth are resilient, but, just like any other part of our body, they require continual care. Here at Lakewood in Saskatoon, our staff are ready to help you get started with this process and guide you along the way.

Come in and visit us or call ahead to book an appointment for a dental filling today!