Emergency Dentistry

Most of us don’t require urgent dental care on a daily basis, but when we do need it, it’s important to know that we have access to such services. Our team here at Lakewood Dental is ready to assist you with any kind of injury so don’t hesitate to come in immediately when a situation arises.

types and treatment in emergency dentistry

What does Emergency Dentistry Entail?

Emergency dentistry may consist of several different things; toothaches, fractured teeth, damaged fillings or crowns, or severe swelling are among some of the most frequent dental emergencies.

More serious emergency dental situations often include the need for root canal therapy, dental veneers, and dental crowns. These treatments are more extensive and require more care as well as more time to heal after the procedure is done. Further examples of oral trauma that may demand emergency dentistry include injury to your lips, tongue, or cheeks. Soft tissue damage can lead to infection so it’s important that you come in as soon as possible.

Emergency dentistry visits in Saskatoon begin with the dentist inquiring about the extent of your injury and how it happened in order to treat it correctly. They will conduct an oral examination too. If the trauma is relatively minor, you may be prescribed some antibiotics to speed up your body’s healing process. Once again, more serious trauma will typically mean further care, such as surgery.
At Lakewood Dental in Saskatoon, we take emergency dentistry seriously. You deserve to be as comfortable as possible, that’s why we’ll guide you throughout the entire process. When an unexpected situation happens, we’re here to help.